Let the blogging commence

It’s a little early, I know. But I spent a few minutes designing the site, and I’m pumped to have some content on it!

I haveĀ our gear lists on the left side. I’ve heard that the gear you end up with almost doesn’t resemble the gear you start with, so I’m interested to see what happens with that.

Speaking of gear, I’m almost done – I thought I had everything, but the more I think about it the more I realize that I want this or that thing to replace something else. Such is life. I think I am going to get an inflatable pillow; it’s only a few ounces, and as a side sleeper I doubt I’ll be able to fully enjoy the glory that is sleep without it.

Edit: I’ve decided to move around some stuff, and the gear links are actually below! Nope, I put them back in the sidebar!