Week one food!

We hit Sam’s Club today for the bulk of our first week’s food. This will be supplemented with things like fruits and whatnot.

Fun fact: those Cliff Bars were $9.91 a box, when they are normally $19.98 a box. Couldn’t pass them up.

Getting close!

Getting so close! I finally have all my gear (pants pending). This outfit is about to be my life for about 6 months.. I might end up changing to a short sleeve shirt, though, since I have a wool long sleeve base layer anyway.

Jared and I ended up getting the same shoes – they are so comfy! They are Salomon Speedcross 3s – the way that the tread works sort of makes you feel like you have a spring in your step. We’ve heard good things, and we’re hoping these will last us a good 700-1000 miles.