Airport Waiting Game

Well, we got to the airport with minimal problems (traffic wasn’t my favorite, but that happens sometimes).

Since we’re taking all of our stuff carry on, we sped pretty quickly through the security checkpoints. Only problems: I left one of my water bottles in Lillian’s car, and THEY TOOK OUR PEANUT BUTTER! Apparently it’s “considered a gel.” We can easily buy more of both, it’s just sad to see so much go to waste.

Now we wait! The plane doesn’t leave from this airport until 10:10pm. We’ll fly to Bangor and try to get some rest at the airport until our friend in Bangor – Will – comes and picks us up to take us to the trail. Then it’s a full day of hiking to summit Katahdin and then get to the first shelter. It’s looking to be a 12-14 mile day. Phew.

4 thoughts on “Airport Waiting Game”

  1. Sent J a package to Monson P.O. today – and then realized an hour later I should’ve included ziploc bags for whatever got opened and not immediately eaten. My bad. I’m learning….

  2. BUMMER! That was a lot of PB. Mom and I may have steered you wrong, sorry. Glad it wasn’t anything more than that. Hope things started off well and the big climb wasn’t too much of an awakening to what is ahead.

  3. I think the first day will fly by with the excitement of getting this long awaited trip started! I see Jared shaved. He was looking like Warren Zevon. Hah! Pics?

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