Norwich, VT

Well, we’ve finished another state! We got into Hanover, NH yesterday at about noon, and spent the rest of the day resupplying and eating town food. Thanks to my wonderful mother and some Amazon deliveries, I’ve completely overhauled how I carry things within my pack, my precipitation protection system, and my camp comfort situation. Meaning I’ve switched to waterproof stuff sacks inside my pack, I got a new/better rain jacket, and switched to crocs as camp shoes. The best part is that the crocs are the most horribly ugly shade of purple that has ever existed. It’s amazing and comfy.
While hiking a few days back, I came upon a list of Trail Angels provided by Hanover, NH. The trail literally runs directly through Hanover, NH, over the NH-VT border, and through Norwich, VT (all on roads). I called one of the Trail Angels – a man by the name of Warren – and he said that he had room for us to stay. What we didn’t know was that he wasn’t just offering some tent space in his yard: he (and his wife Toni) gave us access to the entirety of their home, including their showers and their laundry, and even drove us into town to pick up dinner. Additionally, they have mattresses that we can sleep on that are clean and comfy. The house is amazing and gorgeous – I’m extremely jealous of it. Their porch looks out upon the mountains of Vermont, and it’s beautiful. The house itself is just beautifully kept and decorated as well.
Toni is a rock climber, as well – she offered to let us borrow some gear and go climbing with her! Today we’re going to do about 12 miles to get to a shelter, and then we are going to do 21.5 miles tomorrow so that we can meet Toni at the face where she climbs on Sunday. I’m pumped – I didn’t expect to be able to rock climb on this trip!

Day 36 – 7/6/15 (continued)
After resupplying in Warren, we hiked about 2 more miles to find a campsite. While hiking, Magic heard about a cool campsite next to a pond that was off on a side trail. After a bit of exploring, I found it – and it was glorious. The campsite was literally on the bank of the pond, and it even had a campfire ring and a table. There was a rope swing from a tree into the pond (though the pond was certainly not deep enough to use it). We ate, had a hearty fire, and swam and washed ourselves in the pond. It was amazing. The particular spot we were in had crazy acoustics: even a medium loud noise echoed from all sides. It was really cool.

Day 37 – 7/7/15
Hexacuba Shelter
13 miles
Long day. We woke up lazily at the pond site and planned to go about 18 miles to a shelter. The climb up Mt. Cube was honestly hard, mostly because the trail itself was switchbacks, but poorly made switchbacks. The trail would have actually been easier if it just went straight up the side of the mountain. I took a break at Hexacuba shelter, about 5.5 miles from our end goal. After about 45 minutes, everyone but Banner had shown up and was taking a break with me. After another hour and 45 minutes, Banner still hadn’t shown up. We discussed it as a group and decided to stay at the shelter we took a break at (Hexacuba). Worried for Banner, I took some first aid essentials and hiked backwards to find him. About a mile and a half in, I found him. He had been super nauseous and dizzy and had thrown up, which slowed him down a lot. He still felt sick, but throwing up helped him feel a little better. We made it to the shelter successfully.

Day 38 – 7/8/15
Moose Mountain Shelter
17.7 miles
What a great day. We did a lot of miles, but none of them were particularly insane. About two thirds into our day, we visited the Ice Cream Man. Bill Ackerly lets thru hikers get water and WiFi at his house, tent on his lawn, play croquet on his lawn, and gives each one free ice cream. It was awesome. We spent close to four hours just hanging out at his house. After, though, we had to do 6 more miles to the shelter. Some rude NOBOs at the shelter had set up their tents inside the shelter, which took up all of the room. If you’re going to set up your tent anyway, why not do it at a campsite?! We ended up making a family tent site anyway, which was fun. Web pushed on to make it to Hanover tonight (10 more miles, wow) so he could hang out with some family members.

Day 39 – 7/9/15
Warren’s House
13 miles
Wow! Robin and I did 11 miles in about 3 hours (whoa) and hung out in Hanover while we waited for the rest of the crew. Once they got there, we hit the post office, grabbed some Subway, and caught a bus to a Walmart and Price Chopper to resupply. Robin had some friends pick him up, and so he’s out with them for a day or so. After a quick bus back, we walked the 2 road miles to this wonderful home and had a great evening chatting with Warren and Toni while we baked and ate pizza.

Today we are planning to hike about 12 miles to a shelter and meet back up with the crew. We’ll be in Rutland on Sunday night, and we might stay there for Monday but we don’t know yet. Our next stop after Rutland will be Manchester Center, VT! We will probably be in Manchester Center in 7-8 days! (Edit: we will be here on the 16th!)
Ian Leake
PO BOX 05255
Manchester Center, VT 05255

Don’t forget to write “HOLD FOR AT THRU HIKER” on it!

3 thoughts on “Norwich, VT”

  1. I’ll check in with your mom to see if we can help contribute to future supplies you need. In the meantime, hang in there. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I can’t imagine doing a fraction of the hiking you have already accomplished. It sounds so fun but such hard work too. Love you – stay safe.

  2. Hanover, NH – That’s where Herb went to college: Dartmouth. Sweet little town.

    So proud of your trip! Your blog is amazing!!!!

    Wish you could stop in NYC, but it is a little off your path.

    – Annie

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