Rutland, VT

So we’ve already come to the next town. Compared to Maine and the Whites, towns are coming fast and furious nowadays. I heard from a northbounder – “Blodge” – that the trail gets more and more civilized for this portion until we make it to Virginia.
Rutland is pretty cool – it’s a small town, but there are a lot of buildings and stuff. It’s weird, though, because even with all the buildings, stores, and restaurants, most of them are closed. We figured that since Rutland is like a ski resort town, it’s likely that the population dwindles during the summer and skyrockets during the winter, hence the bigger city feel minus the people.
Over the past few days we have been through a bunch of sweet stuff and some really, really cool trail magic. We pushed really hard to do a 22 mile day yesterday, and it really wore us out. Tonight we’re staying at the Yellow Deli, a really cool deli (and hostel, above the deli) run by members of the Twelve Tribes religion. We were warned about “not drinking the kool-aid” and the fact that the place was run by a cult-like organization, but so far no one has tried to pressure us into it. Best of all, the hostel is free!

Don’t forget to check out the picture album on the sidebar, too! I upload new pictures all the time (sometimes from the trail!) and so it’s constantly got new pictures and videos. Give it a look!

Day 40 – 7/10/15
Thistle Hill Shelter
12 miles
Wow, today was awesome. We spent the first part of the day just being lazy and hanging out at Warren’s house. At about noon, Web showed up after hiking two miles from Hanover (where he was hanging out with family) to meet up with us. We said our fair wells and left Norwich at about 1pm. At 3pm, we were flagged down by a man named Randy Heart (and his wife). They gave us soda and showed us a crazy spot we could jump off of a bridge across from their house. After jumping, they surprised us with hotdogs, fries, and cake. They even offered to let us stay there. After a few hours relaxing and swimming, though, we decided it would be best to hike a few more miles, and so we hiked 4 more miles to Thistle Hill Shelter.

Day 41 – 7/11/15
Stony Brook Shelter
21.5 miles
Today was tough. Vermont doesn’t really have enough mountains to create a ridgeline, so all of these 22 miles were up one mountain, down the other side, rinse, repeat. I have an on-again-off-again arch injury in the bone of my right foot’s arch, and it flared toward the end of the day. My feet are starting to get bigger, too, because my toes keep ramming into the front of my shoes (and they didn’t before). This causes major blistering. The new crocs are awesome, though, and perfect for camp. I got into the shelter at around 5pm, and Banner and Web didn’t show up until about 9pm. Magic was even later.

Day 42 – 7/12/15
Yellow Deli Hostel, Rutland VT
6 miles
The definition of “lazy day.” We woke up lazily at the shelter, ate lazily, and lazily walked about 5 miles before coming to a really cool waterfall. Banner, Web, and I took lunch here while waiting for Magic. Then we pushed on for another mile or so to reach the Mountain Meadows Lodge. The owner didn’t mind, so we dropped out packs and took a dip into Kent Pond, which the lodge has a dock into. Then, before we left, the owner asked us to help him move an arbor they had constructed for a wedding. We happily obliged. He then gave us some ice cream cake left over from a wedding as a reward. We met a bunch of other thru hikers, and went on our way.. To catch a bus into Rutland. In Rutland, we checked into the Yellow Deli, ate Wendy’s for dinner (I personally had a little over 2200 calories for this meal alone), and are now just hanging out. Banner and I have packages arriving tomorrow, so we are thinking about slack packing tomorrow so that we can be here tomorrow for the packages.

Onward! We are having a great time, and hoping to catch Robin in Rutland tonight or tomorrow night!


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