Manchester Center, VT

Hey there!
I’m writing this blog post on the 20th – we stopped into Bennington for a quick meal and some resupply. I’ve been pretty busy recently, so I didn’t get a chance to write a blog post on the 16th, which is when we were actually in Manchester Center.

On the day/night that we left Rutland, we planned to hike 8 miles. However, .1 miles in, we walked across an awesome bridge that went across a really cool ravine with a brook in it. We decided to stop there for the night and swam and had a good time. Eventually, though, Web realized that he had left his phone at the hostel in Rutland. A nice younger lady doing part of the LT gave him a ride back into town, and then even a ride back to the trail. While in town, he picked up some drinks and pizza for us. Classy guy. He also talked to Roadrunner, a northbounder that was taking a few days off in Rutland, and convinced him to come party with us. Unfortunately, it started raining right as he was about the get there, so Banner and I headed out to the shelter 3.5 miles away. An hour or so later, we roll up to the shelter – and Web, Magic, and Robin are already in the shelter with Roadrunner. Apparently there is a road about 5 minutes from that shelter, and so they got a ride to that point and walked the five minutes to the shelter. We met some other northbounders – RumRunner, Now or Never, and Sparky – and the lot of us had a really good time and parties down.

Over the next few days we just hiked through the mountains. Occasionally we swam in swimming holes, occasionally we peaked some mountains, and we always left late from the shelter. We’re in Bennington, VT today (7/20/15) – Banner is actually going to write that entry!


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  1. Some great trail magic you guys keep having – I’m so enjoying hearing your adventures, thank you so much again for taking the time to record and share them.

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